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USA College Sports, Inc. is the nation's oldest privately-held broadcasting, communications, consulting, event planning, internet, marketing, media, public relations, publishing and videography firm serving the college sports industry with corporate roots dating to 1956.

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USA College Sports, Inc. establishes Small College Football Hall of Fame
NEW YORK, NY -- Legendary coaches, outstanding players, professional members of the broadcast & print media, administrators and sports information directors as well as contributors representing Division II and III, NAIA, NCCAA and USCAA varsity football programs will be recognized annually at the USA College Football All-American Awards Banquet on the eve of the four-day, three-night senior all-star events. A national selection panel will be put in place by September 2013 and will choose at least one individual in each category, Nominations may be submitted by the general public and members of the USA Sports Writers Association.
BCS has a new name: College Football Playoff
PASADENA, CA ---Starting in 2014, the College Football Playoff replaces the Bowl Championships Series. The first championship game will be held January12, 2015 with the six bowls in the playoff rotation to host the the title game. The new format creates two national semifinals to be played New Year's Eve and New Year's Day The six bowls in the format are the Rose, Orange, Sugar, Cotton, Fiesta and Chick-Fil-A. For up-to-date information, there is a web-site at collegefootballplayoff.com. BCS-type games on New Year's Day will continue for those bowls that are not hosting a semifinal during a post-season.
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Four Boston College Players Sign Free Agent Contracts
Division I college football programs can be judged in various ways, including national championships, bowl appearances, conference championships, won lost records and by how many players are taken in the NFL draft. The 2013 NFL draft is over, seven rounds and 254 player selections were made and for the first time since 2005, none of those selections came from Boston College. The Eagles have made their mark in the draft. In fact since 2000, BC has had twenty- two players drafted, five in the first round with Luke Kuechly, the ninth overall pick by Carolina in 2012, being the latest. Now after a disappointing 4-8 2012 season, in which the Eagles struggled to stay healthy and play consistently on both side of the ball, NFL scouts decided to go in a different direction to find players worth taking in the draft process.
Berenson Abbott is "Mother of Women's Basketball"
Senda Berenson Abbott is the "Mother of Women's Basketball." As the director of physical education at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, Berenson Abbott incorporated the same concepts James Naismith had developed into an exercise for her female classes, stressing socialization and cooperation rather than competition. She modified the men's rules, creating a court divided into three areas with nine players per team. Three players were assigned to each area (guard, center, forward) and could not cross a line into another area. The ball was moved from section to section by passing or dribbling. Players were limited to three dribbles and could only hold the ball for three seconds. These rules remained until 1971 when women's basketball rules switched to five players and full court like the men's version. Berenson Abbott's freshmen class played her sophomore class on March 22, 1893 in the first women's college game. On April 4, 1896, the first women's intercollegiate game matched Stanford against the Universiity of California in a 9 on 9 contest that was won by Stanford 2-1. Women's basketball became an Olympic Sport by 1976 and in 1982, the NCAA began sponsoring women's basketball.
USA College Sports, Inc. supports the USA Sports Writers Association
NEW YORK, NY -- Baseball, basketball and football have national and some regional media associations, but there are none for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball nor women sports, so it was time to establish USA Sports Writers Association. The objective of the organization is to not only generate national awareness of all small college sports programs but also to develop, market, promote and sponsor small college senior all-star games and showcases in man and women's basketball, lacrosse, soccer and volleyball plus field hockey, football, softball and soccer. The Association will be the first sports media organizaton to offer sports network for Division I-AA, II and III as well as NAIA, NCCAA and USCAA delayed-football, basketball, soccer and lacrosse play-by-play games in addition to radio broadcasts.
The USA Sports Writers Association consists of an Executive Board of members with outstanding professional qualifications and four divisions - Northeastern - Southeastern - Mid-Western - Western. Each of the four divisions has has a regional Board of Advisors. Memberships are available for sports publishers, editors, journalists, broadcasters, photographers, videographers, webmasters, members of the daily, weekly and monthly print media, internet sports organizations as well as college sports information and communication directors plus undergraduate and graduate students looking to start a career in the sport industry. Please click on the logo at the left learn more and join now.

USA Small College Sports launched to upgrade national recognition of Division II, Division III, NAIA, NCCAA & USCAA sports
NEW YORK, NY - ESPN, Turner Sports and the major networks are concentrating on NCAA Division I sports where huge sponsorship dollars are found. USA College Sports, Inc. has launched USA Small College Sports to increase the national visability of the NCAA Divsion II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, NCCAA and USCAA intercollegiate programs in men and women's basketball, lacrosse, soccer and volleyeball as well as baseball, field hockey, football and softball. USA Small College Sports is creating and developing national broadcast outlets, will establish, market and promote senior all-star events, underclass showcases plus national awards to replicate honors currently bestowed upon Division I outstanding athletes. The firm, with a staff that includes professors in Graduate Schools of Sports Administration, offers guidance, support and opportunities for student/athletes to participate in "real-life" internships. This concept allows the interns to perform professional functions and tasks while building resumes with meaning, purpose and substance in order to pursue careerx in SPORTS, the eight largest industry in the world. Journalsim and videography interns as well as free-lance sports writers broadcasters are encouraged to participate in this project as the first step on a lucrative, financially rewarding career in the college sports industry.

Turn your passion or profession in sports into MONEY - Join USA College Sports as an affiliate

ROSELAND, NJ -- USA College Sports, Inc. has initiated a project to establish independent affiliatons with regional and local sports internet sites and link together that will benefit every webmaster by increasing natonal awareness. To accomplish this objective, the firm is offering a deep discount for webmasters, sports journalists, college sports information directors as well as students with a passion to develop a career in the sport industry, to host sites on USA College Sports' servers for Ten Dollars ($10) per month, payable annually at the implementation of the service. The annual fee includes an annual domain registration fee and guirance on utilizing HTML and FTP tools. . For fans who wish to create, develop and publish their own sports business on-line, the firm will design an appropriate logo that it will place and link on appropriate sites. Every affiliate will receive one complimentary annual membership with USA Sports Writers that will provide access to the association's extensive data base of state, regional and national print, broadcast and internet sports media outlets. USA Colege Sports' staff includes professors in graduate schools of sports administration who will offer on-line classes in media & communications, marketing & promotions as well as event planning and implementation that will position each affiliate to successfully generate income to turn a hobby into a profitable home-based business and more.
USA Football News seeks sports writers columnists and broadcasters for 2013 college football season

USA Football News, the nation's original internet college football portal founded in 1988, is soliciting sports writers, broadcasters, columnists and videographers for the 2014 season to cover Division I-AA, II and III, NAIA, NCCAA, USCAA and NJCAA programs in the North, South, Mid-West and West Regions. Independent writers, stringers, college sports informaton directors and interns will provide regional coverage, suggest candidates for pre-season and post-season All-American and Regional All Star teams and nominate and vote on seniors who will be invited to participate in the 20th anniversady of small college football all-star games. Every participating individual will receive a complimentary one-year membership in the USA Sports Writers Association and members will participate on the selection panels for established national awards for legendary coaches, outstanding student/athlete Players of the Year, communications & media honorees as well as recognition accolades for outstanding services to all levels of college football. To become of the USA Football News staff, send an e-mail with contact information and experience, venue and level requested to collegesportsintheusa@gmail.com

USA College Football initiates affiliation with Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association

USA College Football and Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association (IFRA) have developed an affiliation to upgrade the national research of the history of college football at all levels. Founded in 1988 by Dennis Wilson, the President of the Metropolitan New York Football's Writers Association,, USA College Football is the nation’s oldest, privately-held broadcasting production, event development, internet, marketing and media firm serving the college football industry. Created by its Exective Director Tex Noel in 1991, IFRA has five areas of specialization. The segments are: 1. Pre-1937 statistical accomplishments; 2. Teams that have scored or allowed 500 or more points in season; 3. National Champions; 4. Team stats; 5. Coaches accomplishments that Noel has authored into four books he has published. As a result of the affiliation, members of IFRA’s network are welcome to join the marketing and events planning procedures that produce the annual four-day, three-night senior All-Star events as well as the USA Small College Football Awards Banquets at which more than 20 national awards and trophies are presented. To receive a free digital copy of Noel's monthly "The College Football Historian" please click here - To be added to USA College Football's national media list (it is made available to the General Public), please click here.

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